International Teachers Association

The Benchmark for International Accreditation

ITA Accreditation

ITA provides an internationally recognized accreditation for educational institutions, courses and certifications. The accreditation council comprises members around the globe, each of whom excels in their respective fields, specializing in course and curriculum development, training, and education. All council members are highly qualified in their respective fields.

We are able to 
deliver accreditation services to educational institutions and course providers pursuing international recognition. If you have a course that would benefit from global accreditation, you are sure to find our service of interest.

We also provide a simple accreditation verification service for individuals who wish to confirm that any course or company carrying our accreditation seal has indeed been accredited by us.

ITA also offers accreditation as a quality assurance process, under which services and operations of educational institution are evaluated and verified by an external entity to determine whether applicable and recognized standards are met.

Accreditation Services:

If you are an educational course provider or developer, seeking accreditation for a particular course, we are available to help.

ITA provides accreditation services for a multitude of courses, including those in the university degree level (BA/MA/PHD).

Here are just a few of the courses we can review and accredit, which includes, but is not limited to:

* TEFL (Teaching English as a Foreign Language)
* TESOL (Teaching English to Speakers of Other languages)
* Business Administration and Marketing
* Website Creation
* Travel & Tourism
* Business English
* ESP (English for Specific Purpose)

Our ‘all-in fee’ includes the following:

Upon submission of a course to ITA, it is forwarded to one of our teams of council members who are experts in the field applicable to the course submitted. The team reviews the course modules and materials, and either approve it for accreditation or returns it for amendment by the course provider. Any notes, changes, and recommendations are provided by our council members. If a course requires any amendment by the course provider, it is simply re-submitted to us (once the changes have been made) for final approval and accreditation.

To initiate the process of course submission for accreditation, kindly complete the form found below. Upon payment of the ITA accreditation fee, you will be sent a link to our course submission page. If you are uncertain that your course can be accredited by us, you may use our contact page to let us know about the course. We will then let you know if we have an expert panel on hand that can review it.

The accreditation fee for the educational institution and one course is only 495€ for the first year. The following years are only 199€ p.a.

Any additional courses are subject to a fee ranging from199€ to 399€  (depending on the course structure).