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Teacher Training

ITA Teacher Training Project ITA would like to provide a Basic Teacher Training Qualification, which can be obtained via the ITA Teacher Training Course. Project Leader: Dr. Shweta Singh

Job Portal for Teachers and Educational Institutions

ITA would like to offer a job portal website for educators, educational admins, and educational institutions. The domain name already exists but we need a WordPress specialist to implement the job portal template. After implementing the webpage, we need your input about available jobs or job seekers. The service will be FREE. The implementation of …

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International English Proficiency Qualification (IEPQ) ITA would like to start a project offering International English Qualifications for FREE. The English Qualification level will be like IELTS or TOEIC. The English Test is for non-native English speakers. English is the most widely used language in the world today and is very important in many countries. English proficiency testing has long …

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Teachers Award

ITA would like to offer an International Teachers Award for 2022. It would include the following tasks: 1. Create a project sheet2. Create a Teachers Award Certificate3. Gather contact details about schools or teachers4. Create a questionnaire and what requirements are needed to gain an International Teachers Award.5. You are also welcome to use a …

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ITA Accreditation

ITA Accreditation Service

  ITA would like to provide in 2022 an internationally recognized accreditation service for educational institutions, courses and certifications.  This will be our first project which will financially benefit ITA and the ITA Accreditation Members. 5 ITA  members are able to join this joint venture project. Please apply for this joint venture position. Application Form …

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