International Teachers Association


There are several reasons why you should join ITA

  • To help others such as students, teachers and educational institutions.

  • To gain educational qualifications like our International English Teachers Qualification and other educational qualifications.

  • To get a discount on our educational courses.

  • To be part of a global educational team

  • To make international connections to other educators and educational institutions.

  • To gain free access to our Job Seekers website

  • To gain free access to our educational videos

  • To receive a discount on accreditations

  • To have the opportunity to receive a recommendation letter

Yes, the ITA membership is Free. We only charge for any special requests like confirmation letters, accreditations, educational courses, or nomination certificates.

Making a donation to our educational project or to ITA would make a big difference as the educational projects are only possible with your kind support. Please visit our "Giving back" webpage.

ITA has no intention to be licenced or accredited by another organisation. ITA is a self-governed independant association.  

Once your membership is approved and you paid the processing fee of $5 you can generate the certificate on your member page.

All material (including videos) has to be approved before they are linked to our website. Please contact us to submit your material.

You can use PayPal or Stripe and all major credit cards. AliPay and WeChat payment is not(yet) possible