International Teachers Association

IEPQ Qualification

ITA would like to start a project offering an International English Proficiency Qualifications.

The English Proficiency Qualification level will be like IELTS or TOEIC.

ITA hopes to implement the IEPQ in the near future..

IEPQ’s are important to show Colleges, Universities and Companies that you are proficient in the English language.

Be part of the IEPQ project!

Help us develop the IEPQ project.
Many students are not able to gain such a qualification, because they do not have the financial resources. You could change this by being part of our IEPQ Board Members .
We would need your help in
1. Creating questions and multiple choice questions
2. Checking the created questions and multiple choice questions
3. Grouping the questions in Reading, Writing and Listening
4. Reviewing the IEPQ course annualy
5. IEPQ Board Member meetings

Sponsor our International English Proficiency Qualification

ITA would like to offer this Qualification for a low cost but we would need some financial support to implement this project globally.

As a sponsor, your name would be shown on our

IEPQ website
IEPQ publications
IEPQ certificate