International Teachers Association

ITA SEN 220 hour Online Diploma Course

Are you interested in working with people who have special needs, especially when it comes to dealing with their education? Would you like to experience the amazing feeling of knowing that you have helped an individual with specific needs to overcome adversity and to be able to teach them brand new skills? If so, then our Special Educational Needs course will be perfect for any individual wishing to learn more about working within this field.

The course fee is only 299 Euro.

Complete each Module to gain the ITA SEN Diploma.

Read the Module and afterwards complete a short exam. The passing grade is 75%. You can only re-do the exam once.

You need to enroll and pay the course fee first, before starting the course.

1st Section, SEN Standard Units (60 hours)

Overview Special Educational Needs

Identification and Intervention

Language and Literacy

Early Childhood Special Educational Needs

Middle Child and Adolescent Special Educational Needs

Students with Mild and Moderate Disabilities

Students with Severe Disabilities

Family Involvement

SEN and the Law

Case Studies

2nd Section, SEN Diploma Units

What is ADHD?

Causes of ADHD

Treatments and Classroom Strategies

ADHD and Education\The Law and ADHD

ADHD within Families and Relationships

Living with ADHD_Adults with ADHD

Understanding the spectrum of Autism

The Autistic Environment

What causes Autism?

Autistic Behaviour

Conducting a Functional Autism Assessment

Autism in the Classroom

Creating a Positive Support Plan

Aging and Long-Term Care

Medication in Autism

Community Living and Supports

Understanding Dyslexia

Diagnosis Dyslexia

Assessment and Evaluation

Managing Dyslexia

Learning the Basics, Teaching Dyslexia

Dyslexia in the Classroom

Dyslexia in the Workplace

Information seminars about Dyslexia

Ā Intervention for Dyslexia

Clinical Therapy

Overview of the Speech and Language Profession

Literacy Development Language Therapy

Speech and Language Science

Properties of speech

Speech and language disorders

Other communication disorders

SEN Diploma Participants

Miss Erin Cox from the USA, receiving her SEN Diploma.

Miss McKenzie Galvin from the USA, receiving her SEN Diploma.