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How we give back

We support a variety of projects around the world. You can help us, so we can help out. 

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Support ITA or our Educational Projects

If you like to support ITA or our educational project, then ITA is the best choice. 

We currently have the following ITA projects in progress

1. International English Proficiency Qualification IEPQ. ITA would like to offer a FREE International English Proficiency Qualification, to support furthe education for underprivileged students and teachers and anybody who needs to show an English Proficiency Qualification. Your name or company name would be shown on our IEPQ website and on the qualification if you support this project financially.

2. International Chinese Proficiency Qualification (ICPQ). Same project as IEPQ but in the Chinese Language.

3. Support us financially keeping our website working. ITA would like to implement some extra features.

4. Support our International Teachers Award. Your name (company name) would be part of the Award.

Paradanusorn School Project in Uttaradit/Thailand

Paradanusorn School is a school for kids from mainly poor or low income families. The school provides general education to kindergarten, primary and secondary pupils. The school is in need of basic items like windows, doors, ceiling, educational toys, white board marker, a standard TV, transport cost for the child, or tuition fee. With your donation, you can decide on what the money should be used on. Please visit our website

  • Buy a set of white board markers
  • Buys a small backpack for a child
  • Pay a Child's Tution For a Year