International Teachers Association

Global Volunteering/Internship/Practicum and Placements Opportunities

ITA would like to promote teaching opportunities to students, teachers or people who like like to help or would like to learn teaching. 

This webpage is for schools who offer Volunteer and Internship opportunities and for people who are looking for an opportunity to help in the educational sector.

Please note, a Volunteer or Intern does not replace a professionally qualified teacher.

Volunteering in Thailand

The Paradanusorn School in Uttaradit/Thailand is offering a volunteer and internship opportunity for anybody who would like to know more about education. Please visit our website

Our school is approved and accredited by the International Teachers Association and also offers educational research projects, which could be helpful as part of a Masters or PhD thesis.


Application Form for Educational Institutions
This form is for any educational institution, who would likes to offer a volunteering, placement, practicum, internship position or a teachers exchange program.