International Teachers Association

Spanish Advanced Course

Watch and listen to the videos, and take the exam for each lesson. If you like to purchase a certificate, please contact us via email,

Lesson 1

3.1:” Verbs of Change”

Lesson 2

3.2: Homophones with and without H

Lesson 3

3.3: Homophones with B and with V

Lesson 4

3.4: Conditional sentences with ‘si’

Lesson 5

3.5: Different Vocabulary in Spain and America II

Lesson 6

3.6: Relative Pronouns

Lesson 7

3.7: Nouns with different meanings in masculine and feminine


Lesson 8

3.8: Verbs that change meaning with pronouns


Lesson 9

3.9: When to write Z, C, Q and K


Lesson 10

3.10: Cervantes DELE B2 exam: Parts 1 and 2