International Teachers Association

Coming Soon ITA Teacher Accreditation Program

Better Teachers, Better Education

The ITA Teacher Accreditation program is not designed to educate teachers in the baseline knowledge it takes to instruct students in any given subject.  The ITA assumes if you are a teacher, you know your subject matter.  The ITA Teacher Accreditation program takes great teachers and makes them better.  

ITA Teacher Accreditation program was established to, in many cases, introduce the soft skills that make a salesman and great salesman, a leader a world-class leader and a teacher a life-changing teacher.  

By definition, teaching has been about raw data and instruction on how to manipulate and shape that data.  Especially in the fields of Math, Science, Physics and English.  There are rules and for years teachers have been educating students only on the rules that govern these fields.  ITA asks the question, “Is it good enough to know the rules?”

At ITA we believe understanding the rules is the minimum required to embark on a teaching career.  ITA assumes all teachers know the rules.  

The question ITA asks is simple, “Can you teach?”

Your ITA Teacher Certification focuses on those areas that no other accreditation service holds to be of any true value in the education sector.  We believe they are the reason you have value in the education sector.  

ITA Teacher Accreditation Program Core Areas:

1. Child Development
2. Education and society
3. Educational Technology
4. Psychological perspectives of education
5. Communication and Leadership

As ITA completes their accreditation process, we will update the website.  Please check back with us for new information and remember, if your great teacher, we will make you better.