International Teachers Association

Maritime English Proficiency Diploma/Certificate Qualification (DRAFT)

The Maritime English Proficiency Diploma or Certificate course is designed for non-natie English speakers in the field of Maritime for Engineers/Personal or Officers.

It has been created by Dr. Alona Yurzhenko from the Kherson State Maritime Academy 


Our ITA Maritime Diploma course has 2 sections

1. Section with 10 Units and 10 exams

2. Section is an assignment or thesis in English about either a given topic or you are able to provide a topic, and we will approve it.

Certificate course

1. Section is 1 Unit and an exam

2. A CV plus a letter of introduction n English 


1st Section, Maritime Diploma Qualifiction (200 hours)

Introduction to specialty: Marine Engineering

Basic Grammar

Intermediate Grammar

Reading and Writing

Speaking and Listening



Lesson Planning

Classroom Management

Getting a Job

2nd Section, Maritime Certificate Course 30 hours.

Introduction to specialty: Marine Engineering

3rd Section, ESP Unit (English for Specific Purposes) 90 hours.

Assessment Part 1

Assessment part 2

Teaching teens and young adults

Teaching beginner level students.

Unit 25

Teachnig advanced level students is available soon

Teaching Online

Business English

Unit 28

CV in English is available soon

Additional Teaching tools

Teaching Adults