International Teachers Association

Project Manager / Director

ITA project director

Roles and Duties of Project Manager

  • To assemble teams in their respective countries to undertake projects as may be initiated by the ITA.
  • To advise and assist team members on the various stages of projects and to coordinate tasks assigned.
  • To liaise with the International ITA Project Director on all aspects of projects and to advise of potential delays.
  • To ensure deadlines are met and projects completed on time.
  • To uphold and adhere to the principles and objectives of the ITA as prescribed from time to time.
  • To collaborate with other Project managers and the International ITA Project Director.
  • To submit reports to the International ITA Project Director when requested.

Applicants must:

  • Be fluent in English and be able to converse using the correct technical terms as required for the Projects.
  • Hold relevant qualification (s).
  • Be flexible and courteous to other members.
  • Be motivated and able to keep to deadlines.
  • Have a stable internet connection and be willing to participate in Video Conferencing when called upon.

Roles and duties of the International Project Director

  • Assist the ITA Project Managers to develop and accomplish projects undertaken on behalf of the ITA.
  • Keep the Board fully updated on the progress of current projects.
  • Prepare summaries of the Projects for the Annual General Meeting.
  • Maintain an open-door policy to enable Project Managers to communicate any problems or questions they may have (subject to Time Zone difference)
  • Encourage initiative and enterprise in the various project groups.
  • Ensure an adequate and equal level of guidance and assistance to all groups

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