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ITA Accreditation Program

Better Teachers, Better Education

At the ITA, we ask a very honest question: “Can you teach?”, go to university, get a degree and lecture students.  If you want to be a more than that, invest in your future with the ITA Accreditation Process and begin your self-guided journey to becoming more than a teacher. 

The ITA Accreditation Program focuses on skills and qualities that no other accreditation service values.  The ITA Teacher Accreditation Program is driven to challenge teachers to evaluate what is important to them, their students and how to provide the very best education possible.  

ITA Accreditation Benefits

  1. Improved teaching skills and knowledge: Involves engaging in professional development activities and reflecting on one’s teaching practices. 

  2. Recognition and reward: Teachers are recognized and rewarded by their school and are a source of pride.

  3. Professional growth and advancement: Evaluate your weaknesses and challenge yourself to overcome them, become a better teacher
    and prepare yourself for leadership roles.
  4. Enhanced credibility and legitimacy: Increase your value to your students and school by demonstrating a commitment towards improving your knowledge and skill sets.
  5. Employment opportunities: Schools prefer to hire or promote teachers who are accredited, as it demonstrates a commitment to the profession and a willingness to go above and beyond in terms of professional development.

ITA Accreditation Steps

  1. Read the ITA Accreditation Program

  2. Complete the “Teacher – Self-evaluation”

  3. Complete the “Teacher – Understanding Students” evaluation

  4. Secure any combination of two of the following evaluations

    1. Peer Evaluation 

    2. Student Evaluation

    3. Parent Evaluation

  5. Pass academic speaking test

  6. Pass academic reading comprehension test

  7. Pass academic writing test

  8. Fulfill observation requirements

    1. Submit a 10-minute video clip of you teaching and interacting with students

    2. Schedule an ITA observation session for one class

  9. Commit to professional development requirements

    1. 2-hour professional development commitment for the current year and submission of completion documentation

    2. Weakness Assessment and Action Planning (WAAP)

  10.   Complete practical skills project

ITA Accreditation Program Fees

The accreditation fee is $49 for the first year of accreditation and $10 each subsequent year.  This fee covers costs associated with administering the accreditation process, such as the development and maintenance of the accreditation standards, the evaluation and review of applications, ongoing support and professional development provided to accredited individuals.