International Teachers Association

Thai Intermediate Level

Watch and listen to the videos and take the exam for each lesson.
ITA will issue an official Thai Language Certificate if your average passing grade is 75%.

Lesson 1

Level 2.1: How to answer ‘How are you?’ in many ways¬†

Lesson 2

Level 2.2: How to use CAN, SHOULD, WILL, MUST, HAVE TO in Thai Language

Lesson 3

Level 2.3: Vocabulary about TIME 

Lesson 4

Level 2.4: Various ways Thai people say with the word “TO EAT”

Lesson 5

Level 2.5: Telling the time in Thai.


Lesson 6

Level 2.6: Common 10 Commanding Words that you will definitely use one of them

Lesson 7

Level 2.7: Thai Interjections that you might be wondering the meanings behind

Lesson 8

Level 2.8: How to Introduce Yourself in Thai Language 

Lesson 9

Level 2.9: Thai Common Words, How to use Chorb, Ao, Sai, Dai, Chai 

Lesson 10

Level 2.10: Common Linking Words (And, But, Or, With, Because, So, Too, etc.)