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Spanish Online Courses

How long have you had “learn Spanish” on your bucket list? Chances are for far too long.

I had the desire to learn Spanish for quite a while but it wasn’t until I got bored with my job, traveled to Argentina for 6 weeks that I finally regrouped and decided it was time to take learning Spanish more serious. After coming up empty in Argentina, I figured it was time to change up my methods from the traditional class model.

Gain an International Spanish Language Qualification via ITA. The Spanish Online Course and exams are free but if you would like to obtain an International Spanish Language Certificate from  ITA, then a small fee of 29 USD is charged.



Course for beginners, starting with learning basic Spanish. Take your time and enjoy learning such a beautiful language.


Course for Intermediate level students, having an intermediate understanding of the Spanish Language.


Course for Advanced level students, having a good understanding of the Spanish language.