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Our next ITA Video Meeting is on the 17th August 2024 (Saturday) at 18:00 o’clock Thai time.

Dear ITA Members,

Our next ITA Video Meeting is on 17th August 2024 (Saturday) at 18:00 o’clock (6 pm) Thai time.

Please use the time converter link below to find your timezone


The meeting will only be for 1 hour as we do not have the funding for a Google Meet/ZOOM Pro version.

I am aware that you are maybe not be able to participate due to the time difference but I can not change the time of the video call meeting.


1. Overview of ITA Executive Board Members
2. Important Notice
3. ZOOM Sponsor
3. ESP Projects:
4. IEPQ Project
5. SEN/TEFL Diploma course
6. English Proficiency Qualification in Chemistry
7. New educational videos uploaded
8. Official ITA Office in Italy/Rome 
9. Overview of all current, future projects and proposals for other projects
10. Revoking of the ITA Title, due to inactivity.
11. Projects and Project Leaders
12. STEM/STEAM project 
13. Use your ITA title on your social media accounts and whenever possible.